How To Write Catchy Subject Lines

So before you start writing subject lines, you must know, what are functions of a subject line in an email. Note that function of the subject line is not selling a product. If you try to sell a product in the subject line, then you’ll lose your relationship battle with your customer.

The only thing we don’t want while marketing is losing our relationship with our customer. As a relationship marketer, you should never try to sell in subject lines. Note that, placing an offer and selling are 2 different things.

“25% discount on winter sale” is an offer, whereas “Buy now and get 25% discount” is selling. The second subject line backfires badly if a customer is not already in buying mood.

When your subscriber is reading your email, he isn’t really in buying mood you have to warm him up before sale. Great selling subject lines don’t start with sales pitch they start with offers and benefits.

The primary function of the subject line is to make your customer open your email. It is not only the primary goal of the subject line, but it is also its sole purpose. Yes, you heard it right, the only objective of a subject line is to make your subscribers open your email.

Note that whatever you write as subject line should make your subscribers curious, they’ll not open your email unless they’ll feel curious about it. This is one single biggest secret to writing winning subject lines, make them interested.

Also, note that you should not try to personalize your email. Personalizing is one old trick that doesn’t work anymore. It uses to work when people really used to believe they are getting personal messages.

Today they all know it is not personal, all emails are sent with the help of different marketing tools. Nowadays most subscribers don’t even write their real names while signing up.

They sometimes enter something like a dickhead in the name field, which in short means if you’ll personalize, your email will go straight to their spam folder.

Now you know, what not to do while writing subject lines, let’s discuss a little how to write it.

First, you should never reveal a lot in your subject headings.

For example,
“Why you should not personalize subject lines ?”

There is practically no need to open this email because you already told that you gonna give a great speech about why personalizing doesn’t work.

It does look good, but it gave all required information, many will not bother to open it.

On the other hand, “Why no one opens your email ?” doesn’t really give a lot of information about what they’ll read inside. You can write about not personalizing subject lines, and they’ll actually read it.

Keep your subject lines blind, in short, it means tell them what they’ll learn without revealing content.

Again, “Why you should not personalize subject lines ?” reveals what will be the content of email whereas, “Why no one opens your email ?” doesn’t give any idea about what will be the content.

Last but not the least keep subject lines benefit oriented.

Finally, lets have a little look on 8 cheap subject line tricks which almost all copywriters use while creating subject headings.

Use Lists

“7 Ways To Write Killer Subject Lines”. It is scientifically proven that lists make people insanely curious. Exploit this emotional loophole for the time it is open for making your subscribers open your emails.

Don’t overuse it, if your subscriber found that everything you write is nothing but a list, he would not bother opening your emails.

Use Questions To Address Their Problem

Suppose you are suffering from acute back pain from few days and while you are working some guy asks, “Are you suffering from back pain ?”.

Then no matter how busy you are, his sentence will grab your attention because he addressed your problem. Same also applies while writing subject lines, this type of the lines in issue can even get your customer’s attention even in a big pile of emails.

Use Double Subject Lines

“Email Marketing: How To Write Subject Lines.“ Writing these type of the lines in issue really needs little creative mind but can work wonders.

Unconventional Subject Lines

The more difficult trick is using unique subject headings. All great shot copywriters who work of fortune 500 companies usually run tests with a different type of the lines in issue and then they share their results with each other.

Might be in the year 2012 they sent few unconventional emails with subject lines, “Victoria’s Secret Finally Revealed” and “Do You Know What Is Victoria’s Secret ?”. These subject lines performed incredibly useful in spite of different niches they were tested with.

Going little unconventional sometimes work but also needs experience.

Opening With Trigger Word or Power Word

Now the use of Trigger or Power Words can raise spam signal, so be careful while using it. I will post few of them on my blog, but to get more of them you have no other choice than buying it from a copywriter.

Visit websites dedicated to copywriting, and you might get a book on power and trigger words.

Give Them Command

“Checkout This Awesome Video” or “Read This Email Now,” both of them are nothing but command type subject lines. They work better if your customer already trusts you.

Always Split Test

Create 5 to 6 subject lines and split test them. Whenever I send my subscribers email, I also write multiple subject lines and run a test for a division.

The winner of a split test is sent again. Now you might ask, on how many subscribers I run my split test. And the answer is all of them, yes it means I send the same email twice. I don’t follow 10% rule of email split testing.

As per my opinion, that law is faulty, an email which won in 10% of your subscribers may not be the real winner with rest 90% of it.

So first I run a split test with all my subscribers then I send them the winning email. It is little costly but a better choice.

So following are some subject lines that I’ll use while writing an email to bring my subscribers to this video,

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